Why you need to choose a biological dentist.

Most patients do not know a difference between their regular conventional dentist, and a holistic or Biological dentist. If you have a silver filling you probably heard your dentist telling you that you should not be concerned, and it is not a big deal. He or she may say that if you want it removed its not a problem. What you don't know is that if you leave it in, you are certainly subjecting yourself to continuous absorption of mercury and certainly if he removes it you will most likely absorb a hefty dose which will make you sick, or sicker in the future.

The dentist should provide the equipment, skill, staff to protect you, staff ,and himself. Not to mention the affect on the environment....

TESTOSTERONE - Never a quick fix to live healthier. What are your natural solutions?

1 in 4 men over 30 have Low Testosterone, that's 60 million americans. Even more are in the suboptimal range. when visiting a conventional practitioner you normally follow with normal lab ranges which are totally inadequate. In addition, a conventional practitioner is quick to offer a synthetic replacement Testosterone cream which can potentially cause testicular atrophy, as well as prevent natural Testosterone production. He may not be aware of other healthy alternatives that should be implemented to boost your body's natural ability to produce Testosterone.

When a man is also chronically Stressed, with central Adiposity, eats High Glycemic Foods which cause an Insulin spike, and all that ca...

Getting a clean bill of health from your conventional doctor maybe misleading

With the advent of Functional Medicine. We are able to look clearly and more deeply into root cause of chronic diseases. As most of us know when we had gone to our doctor and requested a check up, we most likely were told that we are healthy or maybe our cholesterol is out of range, or that we are according to our lab reference range are safe for now ,and then we go on our way feeling good and continue to eat our" standard american diet". If we feel sluggish , tired, sleep deprived, stressed or suffering from rashes or gastrointestinal issues, our labs may not provide us with all the information we are seeking. It requires someone who is aware of looking at underlying causes and does detecti...

Taking Medications may not be the solution

Did you know that there are over 100,000 people every year who die from appropriately prescribed medications? Why are the rates of heart disease Diabetes and Obesity on the rise? Why are more children suffering from Asthma, Autism, or ADHD? While your doctor may have good intentions and is offering treatment under standard protocols, he or she is most likely part of a system that is meant to manage your illness as opposed to investigating and eliminating the root cause of your illness.

Did you know that health insurance companies require that doctors label patients with a diagnosis in order for physicians to receive payments, and only pay for a minimum number of preventative/well visits?

I am ...