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Based on your history, lab testing, and level of commitment several options available. This may include a reset of metabolism by following a 21 day program, an elimination diet that is geared towards balancing hormones as well as toxicity and fat removal. If you suffer from unexplained symptoms and no one seems to help, or unable to loose weight despite a restricted diet you may be suffering from toxicity.  Come and speak to us about the various options available.

 - specialized laboratory testing including Hair Mineral Analysis

  Other treatments you may require include:

-General lifestyle changes
-Vitamin and Mineral supplementation
-Oral and intravenous chelation
-Herbal supplementation of your diet
-Liver support and castor oil packs

Need to learn how essential oils can help you from  managing common ailments, to helping you have a more youthful appearance. Also if you need  to learn how to use oils for your family and pets . 
-Call to schedule an appointment today.   

If you are suffering from any of the variety of gut related issues like so many other patients. We may be able to test for food sensitivities to find out what foods may be affecting you as well as a complete digestive stool analysis to find the underlying condition. we will design a nutritional protocol to assist you for a better health.

We believe that the whole person needs to be treated rather than the disease or symptom. The body has the ability to heal itself and needs the appropriate approach to set it towards this course rather than further delve into disease. If you are worried about long term effect and side effects of medications, or are sick all the time and are in pain. Also if your own vitamins are not working, a naturopathic approach may be appropriate.

We combine a western Medical approach with a  natural holistic healing method. while we may prescribe an antibiotic for an infection,we will also focus on a preventative approach and will offer alternatives to western medicine. By taking a different approach on health we are able to uncover underlying causes of disease rather than focus on symptoms. Blood, urine, Hair,saliva and DNA testing may be used.

If you are interested in any of our Integrative Therapies, please schedule an appointment with our doctor.

Common Disorders Treated:

- Abnormal digestion and absorption
- Adrenal Exhaustion
- Chemical/Environmental illness
- Dietary Hazards
- Food Allergies/Sensitivities
- Hypoglycemia
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Sluggish Liver
-Toxic Bowel
- Yeast Overgrowth
- Hormonal Imbalances

Common services includes:

- Urgent Care with same day appointments available.
- Laboratory services.
- Cardiopulmonary evaluation.
- Vascular evaluation.
- Autonomic Nervous System testing.
- Peripheral Nerve Evaluation.
- School and Work Physicals.
- Vaccinations.

Try Out Internal Medicine in New Jersey for a Healthier Future

As you age, there are several health complications that can occur. People tend to gain weight due to stress, lose hair, have joint pain, and more. So how do you think one should deal with these problems? At Anti-Aging Wellness, we dedicate a number of our resources to offering internal medicine services to those in need in New Jersey. We make sure that each of our clients is being properly catered to. Whether you need integrative medicine detoxification, gut health solutions, or naturopathic medicine – we can help with it all.

We want to ensure that everyone is addressing their symptoms to heal and be the person they’ve always wanted to be. So, if you’re in New Jersey, looking for ways to address your health problems – get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment for detailed internal medicine services!