3 Weight Loss Strategies Making Waves Among Fitness Experts

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Starting a weight loss regime isn’t all that different from adopting a new lifestyle. It requires you to be more physically active, drink lots of water, restrict your daily calorie intake, and even get 7–9 hours of sleep to prevent the indirect effects of sleep deprivation on weight control.

Let’s delve deeper into these weight loss strategies and why they’re highly regarded at Anti-Aging Wellness MD.

Accessible Weight Loss

Weight loss requires a certain level of compromise. For instance, you don’t want to settle for an inconvenience by subscribing to a cross-fit on the other side of town. You’d much rather sign up at a fitness center a few blocks down the road or a fifteen-minute walk from where you live.

It’s important to remember that the will to lose weight wanes as the days go on, so you could try surrounding yourself with healthy snacks for when the urge to go on a bender strikes. You can also:

  • Pack a healthy lunch and snacks to work to avoid the vending machine.

  • Take a spare pair of walking shoes to work or appointments.

  • Ensure you have workout clothes to wear the night before.

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Adaptable Weight Loss

Weight loss fads like the keto diet and intermittent fasting don’t work for everyone because they don’t have science to back them up. For example, a keto diet requires you to all but cut carbs out of your daily diet. While carbohydrates aren’t essential for human nutrition, they are their main energy source.

Losing weight by cutting this entire food group out means you’ll only gain it all back after you reintroduce it into your diet. Instead of wasting months on these unfeasible fads, make informed food decisions. Check their nutritional information and see how much you need to satiate your hunger, enhance metabolism, and increase energy levels.

Fun Fitness Routine

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week, which is anything but a tall order. However, those 30 minutes a day can seem like an eternity if you’re imposing exercise and cardio on yourself to sweat it out

Instead of spending 10 minutes on an elliptical because it’s a highly recommended fitness equipment, find something you enjoy doing. Try shooting hoops, following an aerobics tutorial on YouTube, swimming laps, or spending all your time on a Peloton. If you pick up an exercise you enjoy, you’re less likely to drop it in the long run.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with a Doctor in New Jersey

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