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This will deliver nutrients directly to where they are needed. We offer various formulations based on your signs, symptoms and further testing. If you suffer from fatigue, weak hair or nails, suffer from a chronic disease or just want to feel more energetic, come and see if this is an option for you.

Among the common treatments we use are:
• IV Glutathione
• IV Myers’ Cocktails
• Vitamin C (High Dose)
• TRT (Testosterone)
• Magnesium (High Dose)
• Weight Loss Formulas
• Lipid Therapy
• IM B12 (High Dose)
• Pain Relief Formulas
Do you suffer from weight gain, hair loss, mood changes and fatigue among other symptoms, you may be suffering from hormone inbalance?  You want to consider having your hormones tested.  we use the latest techniques to determine root cause of your symptoms and choose the appropriate treatment for you. Based on your blood and saliva testing and symptom patterns. 

Protocols are individualized to include:
 -Natural estrogens


After appropriate history and metabolic and body composition, we will offer several options including natural methods such as juicing and meal replacement. We may look into the cause of your weight gain through testing and offer the best solution. This may include balancing hormones, supplementing nutritional deficiencies and removing toxins. For those with a weaker will power, supplemental medications may be prescribed including Semaglutide when appropriate. DNA testing is also available to determine your metabolic type and which diet and lifestyle is most appropriate for you.

Maintain a Healthy Balance with Bioidentical Therapy in NJ 

In order to lead a healthy life, you have to ensure every aspect of your health is taken care of. So, whether you need IV vitamins or hormonal treatments to improve your metabolism – you can find it all at Anti-Aging Wellness.

Have you been suffering from the drastic emotional effects of hair loss and unwanted weight gain? We believe you might be suffering from a hormonal disorder. We can help correct these health problems with our trusted weight loss treatments, IV vitamin therapies, and bioidentical hormone therapies in New Jersey.

We have a qualified and experienced panel of doctors that have taken it upon themselves to help you improve your health, fix your metabolism, and help you get your confidence back. With our carefully created health solutions, you can gain your health back in no time!

 So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and book an appointment for vitamin therapies, weight loss treatment, or more!