Why you need to choose a biological dentist.

Most patients do not know a difference between their regular conventional dentist, and a holistic or Biological dentist. If you have a silver filling you probably heard your dentist telling you that you should not be concerned, and it is not a big deal. He or she may say that if you want it removed its not a problem. What you don't know is that if you leave it in, you are certainly subjecting yourself to continuous absorption of mercury and certainly if he removes it you will most likely absorb a hefty dose which will make you sick, or sicker in the future.

The dentist should provide the equipment, skill, staff to protect you, staff ,and himself. Not to mention the affect on the environment. The equipment used include high volume suctioning, nasal coverage, eye protection, and may even include gas mask for the staff. Cutting the fillings into large chunks minimizes the mount of vapor generated

A holistic dentist will also consider to implement life style changes such as diet, sleep patterns, or hormonal changes, as well as supplementation. Also minimally invasive protocols may be implemented. A detox protocol may be in place, as well as use of biocompatible non-toxic materials. The emphasis on the whole person is implemented.

If you have additional questions you may contact our office to assist you find a dentist in your area that can help.