What Is SoftWave Therapy?


Softwave Therapy is a breakthrough and non-invasive therapy that helps treat an injured area and aids in the body’s healing process. It uses a therapeutic device with patented technology that generates shockwaves.

This therapy method has been effective for sports injuries and regenerative medicine because it relieves chronic pain and accelerates recovery.

What Does SoftWave Therapy Do?

SoftWave therapy provides relief from chronic pain by immediately treating inflammation and also provides pain relief from soft tissue disorders. The shockwaves help release muscular adhesions and tightness improving the range of motion.

The machine used in softwave therapy in New Jersey also identifies the region where the pain originates, which helps in proper treatment. It also helps improve blood flow and increases ATP for better growth of blood vessels near the affected region. SoftWave therapy allows the body to heal from within when new cells and tissues start forming

How Does it Work?

The high acoustic and energetic waves initiate the body’s response to the injury, and the body starts healing. Regular treatments recommended by your doctor will help decrease inflammation and alleviate pain, whether it's acute or chronic pain. SoftWave therapy treats acute injuries like fractures or strains and chronic pain as a result of chronic conditions.

SoftWave therapy:

  • Provides pain relief without drugs or pain killers

  • Stimulates recovery after surgery

  • Improves joint movement

After just one SoftWave therapy treatment, patients have reported improvement. The outcome will depend on a variety of factors but after a complete course of SoftWave therapy treatment, and patients will see improved healing. 6-10 sessions are recommended for ideal healing rates.


How to Prepare for SoftWave Therapy?

There isn’t any intense preparation needed for SoftWave therapy. If you want to prevent cold sores, you can ask your doctor for a medicine that you can take before your treatment to avoid a cold sore outbreak. This can be done for any energy-based, non-invasive treatment.


You may notice some pinkness during and after the treatment. The downtime after the treatment is zero, and you can apply makeup to cover up any blotchiness. You can ask your doctor for details about the aftercare.

At Anti-Aging Wellness MD, we offer our patients softwave therapy in New Jersey. This is one of the most effective treatments for reducing inflammation after an injury and treating acute or chronic pain. SoftWave therapy uses shockwave technology which helps eliminate the need for surgery after an injury or other condition.

We also offer weight-loss treatments and anti-aging skin treatments at our clinic. Get in touch with us today to learn more!