Taking Medications may not be the solution

Did you know that there are over 100,000 people every year who die from appropriately prescribed medications? Why are the rates of heart disease Diabetes and Obesity on the rise? Why are more children suffering from Asthma, Autism, or ADHD? While your doctor may have good intentions and is offering treatment under standard protocols, he or she is most likely part of a system that is meant to manage your illness as opposed to investigating and eliminating the root cause of your illness.

Did you know that health insurance companies require that doctors label patients with a diagnosis in order for physicians to receive payments, and only pay for a minimum number of preventative/well visits?

I am here to tell you that to be your most healthy self you must be proactive and ask the right questions. When was the last time you asked your provider how you could stop and reverse your illness? While your doctor may not know how to answer that question based on his training, it is likely not his fault. The training most physicians receive in natural and alternative solutions, including nutrition, is minimal and outdated. The curriculum taught in medical schools involves very little if any nutrition. Standard medical education instead focuses on drug treatments, which also profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Did you notice that most medications for chronic illnesses, High blood pressure or Diabetes for example, are meant to be taken indefinitely and do not actually eliminate the illness or the need for the medication? Did you also notice that a medication for one illness can cause a multitude of other illnesses, and thus require the use of other medications to combat those effects? It seems to me that it would be more effective to focus on the underlying cause and eliminate the need for medications all together. Medications are masking these conditions and in some cases causing secondary conditions. But there are a number of factors at play in our society that make this difficult. One thing we can control however, is our own food intake and our reliance on medications as the only solution.

The root cause of disease is nutritional deficiency due to our poor diet, and toxicity from our food, water and environmental factors and that includes medications that we either take, or are found in our drinking water and food. Another hidden cause is stress coupled with negative thoughts.

Individuals have to be better educated on what is hidden in our food and environment, and what is making us sick. If food companies and pharmaceutical industries were more concerned with helping the public than profitability, their primary focus would be health and disease prevention.

Please take your health into our own hands, ask the appropriate questions, avoid toxins at all cost and adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are not getting all the answers to your questions find a practitioner who understands you.