Getting a clean bill of health from your conventional doctor maybe misleading

With the advent of Functional Medicine. We are able to look clearly and more deeply into root cause of chronic diseases. As most of us know when we had gone to our doctor and requested a check up, we most likely were told that we are healthy or maybe our cholesterol is out of range, or that we are according to our lab reference range are safe for now ,and then we go on our way feeling good and continue to eat our" standard american diet". If we feel sluggish , tired, sleep deprived, stressed or suffering from rashes or gastrointestinal issues, our labs may not provide us with all the information we are seeking. It requires someone who is aware of looking at underlying causes and does detective work to uncovers imbalances, toxicities, and deficiencies.

But what you do not know is that the lab range is mostly based on a population of people that are not necessarily the healthiest. On top of this your doctor may not know to suggest you need to optimize some levels, for example vitamin D, or to reduce other levels such as CRP or Homocysteine by using nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplements.

If we are harboring a chronic disease that may not manifest itself for some years we need to check for other non conventional labs and questionnaires where we surely find and uncover various underlying reasons for what is ailing us. If we want to be optimal in our health we need to do this and give ourselves a chance to ward off any of the chronic diseases that are currently afflicting a large portion of the population and not seeming to ease up any time soon.