Detoxification –Types and Benefits


A recent review of four popular detox fads found no evidence that they eliminated toxins and promoted weight loss. Detoxification is as much about restricting what isn’t healthy as it is about taking up that which benefits the human body.

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Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is the perfect example of toxin retention due to drinking too much of a good thing. Drinking a little may benefit your heart; drinking too much may result in inflammation and fat accumulation.

Unless you want alcohol to affect liver function, we suggest reducing your alcohol intake to a glass per day. The less you drink, the better your liver can expel toxins from your body.

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Make Lifestyle Changes

Think of the rituals that are already a part of your lifestyle. These could include your sleeping, drinking, and eating habits, not to mention how physically active you are on average.

Let’s start with sleeping. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep every day allows your body to rest, recharge, and remove toxins accumulated throughout the day. A sleep-deprived body won’t have enough time to perform these three functions, resulting in heart disease, hypertension, stress, obesity, et cetera.

For all the good sleeping well does, it may prove insufficient in preventing toxin accumulation. You might have to add regular exercise to your daily routine, drink lots of water to support your liver properly, and speed things along.

Whether or not you want to lose weight, exercise moderately, at least 150–300 minutes per week, to reduce inflammation, high blood pressure, and other conditions that affect natural detoxification.

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Consume More Antioxidants

You can consult integrative medicine services for recommendations on foods and supplements filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body against naturally occurring free radicals. The latter shouldn’t be an issue if you’re eating well, breathing clean air, and neither drinking nor smoking.

If you live in an urban center, you might want to find extra reinforcement from antioxidants to prevent age-related conditions and other problems associated with oxidative stress.

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Maintain Gut Health

Good gut health keeps your natural detoxification system in working order. You can feed the good bacteria in your microbiome through foods and supplements rich in prebiotics. This would weaken the unhealthy bacteria in your gut, thereby strengthening your immune system and promoting your body’s detoxification system.

The above is easier said than done. Reach out to our doctor in New Jersey for integrative medicine services. Develop a lifestyle promoting natural detoxification and better gut health. You can also combine detox with wellness for weight loss treatment and IV vitamin therapy Nj.

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