Candida- A functional medicine approach

If you suffer from the following, you may be suffering from chronic Candidiasis:

Chronic fatigue and malaise.

Gastrointestinal bloating and cramps.

Vaginal yeast infection .

Allergies and /or low immune function.

Carbohydrate cravings.

History of antibiotic use.

It is more commonly found in women possibly from birth control pills, estrogen and greater antibiotic use due to greater doctor visits as opposed to men. Contributors or associated factors include the above, as well as small bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut, as well as any conditions leading to damaging of GI mucosa and lowered immunity. Also is depleted stomach acid, and of course poor nutrition.

Tests you should ask your doctor to perform may include Organic Acid Testing to show metabolites as well as a Comprehensive Stool and digestive analysis(CDSA) with H. Pylori, stool cultures, candida antibody, candida antigens in the blood. Of course you may want to perform a Candida Questionnaire which you can always access Online.

Therapeutic considerations include:

Balance your macro nutrients: Eliminate sugars, milk and dairy products, mold and yeast containg foods such as alcohol, cheese, dried fruits, and peanuts, remove allergens using an elimination diet or IgG/IgE based testing.

Balance your Gut: Start with digestive enzymes which typically inhibit candida and its penetration into intestinal mucosa. Avoid antacids which promote growth. supplementing with HCL, pancreatic enzymes, promoting bile flow.

Balance immune function: Rule out and remove any associated infections such as H. Pylori, Parasites and Lyme.Restore cell mediated immunity via your Thymus using antioxidants( carotenes, Vitamin C, and E, zinc, and selenium),nutrients and concentrates of calf thymus tissue. Restoring the microflora is very important to affect immunity, cholesterol metabolism, aging and carcinogenesis.

Balance your Autonomic Nervous System: To promote detoxification you need to reduce stress and reduce your sympathetic tone. Stress management, mindful eating, positive attitude and restful sleep are some of the ways to do this.

Promote Detoxification:

Remove food sensitivities such as alcohol, sugars, dairy. Promote bile flow, Excercise and sweating, Sleep. increase fiber. Support the liver with vitamin /mineral supplementation, lipotropic formula, Milk Thistle ( Silymarine), 3 day fast with change of each season.

Natural therapies:

Caprylic acid, Berberine containing plants, Garlic, enteric-coated essential oils (oregano, thyme, peppermint, and rosemary), propolis, and Tea tree oil (topical).

Therapeutic approach:

Remove/replace : All allergens including food, toxins, drugs and any underlying predisposing factors. Use and replace digestive enzymes. Initiate a Candida control diet as outlined above. Anti Yeast therapy while supporting gut and adrenals, and immune system.

Reinoculate/repair: Introduce probiotics, prebiotics via diet and supplementation. Foods/Nutrients that are critical to Gut health and mucosal repair such asGlutamine, zinc carnosine, cabbage juice, bone broth, Colostrum, NAC, Gluthathione, aloe vera and herbs such as Slippery elm or Marshmallow. Support Detoxification.

Rebalance: introducing foods back and monitor progress.

Always seek an expert who is familiar and trained in functional nutrition, to evaluate and perform the appropriate tests, and prescribe the best therapies. As well as someone who could address any related adverse effects related to detoxification and yeast die off reactions.