Highly recommended. Not only is he an incredible Doctor, but Dr. Frank is an amazing human being. It's rare these days to find such a professional and knowledgable doctor who also has such an genuine care for his patients.

I needed urgent medical care and the doctor was so pleasant. He accurately and effectively diagnosed and prescribed a remedy, while taking the time to explain everything and answer all my questions.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks if I know a great doctor.


Dr. Frank is one of the few Doctor who really care about their patients. He is really dedicated to his profession and the Health of his patients. He not only take his time but listens, explains ,and educate his patients so they can really understand about their health and what they need to do to keep themselves healthy. I love Dr. Frank ! Thank you for care about the quality and not the quantity of patients that you see. Unlike other Doctors that only cares about how much money they put on their pockets and not about the time that their patients deserves.

Michel Saguay

Dr. Frank care for patients is GREAT he treats every patient with respect and care. He has a special WAY of treating patients. I strongly recomend Dr.Frank.

Pablo Olivera

Highly recommended! A Doctor with knowledge, humility, professionalism, empathy, being humane, respectfulness. Does not rush you and he listens to what you have wrong.Never rushes to write a prescription.

I am glad I found an exellent Doctor!

Jazmin D

I don't think I could ever say enough compliments about Dr. Frank. A friend recommended him at a point where I was going through a very rough time both emotionally and physically and giving him a try has been my best decision yet. He's been my doctor for almost two years and my health has improved SO much. Since my first appointment I felt very comfortable. I tend to be a very annoying patient- I am always doing my own research and I always come in with a million questions and concerns and it can be very challenging for a doctor. I have never doubted Dr. Frank's procedures and/or decisions. He always handles my endless questions with lots of grace, patience and even humor. He takes his time to listen to each and every one of my concerns and always goes above and beyond to make me feel calm. If you have an anxiety disorder I would recommend giving him a try before going to a psychiatrist. I love the fact that he looks for the most natural alternatives to treat you and that he really takes his time to study your case before prescribing anything. I have been under the care of doctors who have diagnosed me with illness I've never had in the first place and put me under the worst of medications that do more harm than good.

I think Doctor Frank is one of the very few true doctors left- he's not in it for the money but because he genuinely wants to help people. He's easy to talk to, doesn't pretend he is a know it all or act superior. He truly listens and cares for you and your overall health. He was gone for a few months but he is finally back.

PS- I'm not from the area and he's literally the only reason why I visit Newark. The area where his office is located is nice and so far I believe it is safe.

Diana Rodas